The Book's Contributors

This book about Maximo is the product of love by a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to serving our global community.

Author: Viji Venkatesh, a cancer advocate in Mumbai, India is endearingly known by patients as "Amma" meaning Mother. She has dedicated 30 years of her life to serving and supporting people living with cancer in her community. She is widely respected in cancer circles, has worked with The Max Foundation for over ten years and also served as a member of the Ethics Committee board of the Tata Memorial Hospital.

Illustrations and Design: Wen Huei Fan is one of the founders and most dedicated volunteer of Max Family, the Malaysian organization that supports people living with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in Malaysia. Fan is an 11-year CML survivor who continues to inspire the community daily through his service and his graphic art.

Original story concept: Maria Isabel Gomez de Soriano lives in Caracas, Venezuela where she leads the effort to support people living with CML and other cancers in her home country. Maria Isabel is a CML survivor, the founder and President of Association of Help for Hemato-oncological Patient (ASAPHE), and a recognized figure in cancer advocacy throughout Latin America.

Together, these storytellers represent every cancer advocate in towns and cities around the world, who, when faced with hardship, found the strength inside themselves to turn adversity into action and become agents of change within our global community. We thank them deeply.

Special Recognition

We are grateful to the team around the world who has made it possible for the Maximo book to be translated into so many languages!

Currently, the book is available on the website in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Malay. The website will soon include Arabic and German! Within India, copies of the book will be made available in many national and local languages. The contributors listed below have helped in a variety of tasks, such as translation, proof reading, and editing.

Note: languages listed in alphabetical order

Arabic: Bahija Gouimi and Academy of Languages, LLC

French: Danielle Matia; Bahija Gouimi and Academy of Languages, LLC

German: Candy Heberlein and Academy of Languages, LLC

Languages within India (Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu): Vidya Tahilramani, Sujeesh Sukumaran, N Nagendran, Rajat Mazumdar, Geeta Duvedi, K Narayanan, Rekha Rani, Ushakant Sha, and Pramod Agarwal

Malay: Dr. Abd Razak Muhamad, Nor Aina Abd Rahim, and Ang Wei Meng

Mandarin: Tan Giek Lian and Ang Wei Meng

Spanish: Ines Garcia Gonzalez and Pat Garcia-Gonzalez and Academy of Languages, LLC

Thanks, again, to everyone who has contributed so that children in so many different countries and languages will be able to enjoy reading Maximo!