Story Summary

Written by: Viji Venkatesh
Design and illustration by: Wen Huei Fan
Original story by: Maria Isabel Gomez de Soriano

Beautifully illustrated and poetically written, the book tells the story of Maximo, a little sparrow who is weak and smaller than other young sparrows, and unable to fly. As much as he tries to overcome his challenge, Maximo is thinking about giving up, when one day he finds himself as the only creature in the forest about to witness the Big Cat's attack of another small and weak sparrow. Finding the strength he did not know he had, Maximo sweeps down and rescues the weak bird.

This heroic experience helps Maximo realize that he had the strength to overcome his challenge all along. Seeing someone else in need of help had allowed him to break free of the bands of fear and despair that had tied him down. Soon birds from other forests hear about Maximo and decide to join hands with him and strengthen his vision for the well-being of fellow creatures. A worldwide revolution of love and support takes place, inspired by Maximo, the little sparrow who was at first too weak to fly.

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